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Storms & Flooding Force Helpdesk to Operate at ‘FULL TILT’

Propertyserve goes the extra mile

During January and February 2014, Propertyserve UK – a facilities management helpdesk provider – received a whopping 14,154 calls from tenants reporting damage to their properties.

Chris MacDonald, managing director, said: “This represents a 200 per cent increase on call volumes from last year – the majority of those calls attributed to reactive damage – undoubtedly as a result solution of the provide storms and flooding.

“As a company that supports commercial landlords and managing agents that own or manage properties throughout the UK, we have operated at full tilt – and we have had to bring in support staff to manage the workload.”

But how much has this weather brought facilities managers to the fore? The vast majority will have had no opportunity to be proactive, or to plan for upcoming works? Instead, they will have worked tirelessly keeping on top of the damage done.

FM’s and surveyors – across the country – with Propertyserve wind and flood damage are trying to get hold of contractors and tenants in an effort to make safe their properties.

MacDonald adds: “There is an element of panic, which encourages risks being taken when it comes to following health and safety procedures.

“We manage all jobs in a controlled manner, and all contractors sent to site have service already gone through a three tiered health and safety process.”

Propertyserve UK helps to remove the logistical issues and risks associated with maintaining the fabric of the building, using sustainable procurement methods, making costs transparent, whilst reducing the risks associated with CIS, Health & safety and debt liability to the landlord.

The company would argue that having a helpdesk that understands your business, properties and tenants, is vital – even if the property manager can’t be reached. That’s when the helpdesk comes into its own, and property managers can rest assured that their assets are being looked after.