Reporting & Invoicing Benefits

  1. 1

    The entire service is supported by our own bespoke system which holds all invoices, job data and contractor information for each property meaning that all operators and FM’s have access to information at all times. This allows reports to be retrieved at the touch of a button.

  2. 2

    We know the problems that vague service levels cause you with complaints through tenants escalating as time goes by. Our Contractor network operates to agreed service levels, often responding well within the allocated time. For instance our agreed SLA is 4 hours to an emergency but last year we averaged 62 minutes!

  3. 3

    Clear tracking of jobs, from initial call or email, are logged on our bespoke system. All details are recorded and available for interrogation at the touch of a button to assist in resolving disputes.

  4. 4

    Time and labour saving is a major benefit. We processed 29,845 supplier invoices and produced just 17,907 consolidated invoices, reducing the number of invoices by 11,906.

the checklist

  • KPI reporting
  • SLA reporting
  • Budget v's actual reporting
  • Full audit trail
  • CIS reporting
  • Quality control audit
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • CSV file format for easy upload into AP